Cute crap I don’t need. (aka March Yumebox Review)

Last month, I received my first subscription box from Japan. I was a little let down that I didn’t end up using most of the items in my box, so I told myself, “If March’s box is similar to February’s, then cancel it! You can do something else with that $40.”

March’s Yumetwins promised to contain ‘Totoro’ items! As long as it’s not a box full of keychains, I will be happy.

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Japanese Subscription Boxes!!! Yumetwins & Kawaii Box February Review.

About a month ago, I was watching some videos on Youtube and came across a few Japanese subscription box reviews.

I love cute things. I love Japanese characters. and I especially LOVE the idea of a monthly subscription box delivered right to my door filled with adorable goodies. I registered for two right away, one called Yumetwins and another called Kawaiibox.

Here’s my review of the two boxes I received in February.


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Everything I bought in December 2016

Even though this blog started out as a ‘minimalism & decluttering’ blog, I quickly veered off topic and found myself writing about other things. When I try to confine myself to  just writing about decluttering – I find I don’t have much to say. However, when I write everytime I feel like writing, there are many more sources of inspiration to draw from.

I still am very much interested in curbing my spending habits. So for the month of December, I tracked every non-essential possession I acquired along with their cost.

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I caught the shopping bug.

So I had set a June 15th deadline (two weeks from when I started) to have finished decluttering my closet. I made good progress at the beginning and donated a garbage bag of clothing and shoes to the local thrift store. (How have I already accumulated another bag??)

Once I declutter, I declared, I will be left with only what I truly love and I will not need to shop unless I am in absolute need of something.

Then Vegas happened and I started shopping.

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“You’re always de-cluttering your closet.”

Yesterday, as I enthusiastically pulled every piece of clothing from my closet onto my bed as Kon Mari suggests to do, I was enthralled with the thought that I would finally, finally have a perfectly de-cluttered home.

My boyfriend watched with amusement, “Remember a few years ago when you dumped bags of clothing at your friend’s house?”

No. I didn’t remember. In fact I completely forgot until he brought it up.

“I just think it’s funny how you’re always ‘de-cluttering’ your closet.” He remarked as he exited the room.

Even though it was just a statement said in passing, I was shocked when I realized just how many times I had tried to declutter previously.

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