Dealing with envy.

Envying others is a waste of time. Why waste time focused on what someone else has when I could be spending that time on my own happiness?

That being said, I am a person who is prone to impatience and anger. Sometimes, I can become really annoyed by just a comment someone has made, and it baffles those around me. “Why is this such a big deal?”When I examine the source of the anger in retrospect, I realize that there’s a little green-eyed monster underneath after all.

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My New Diet Starts! (and a psoriasis update)

Food was a lot simpler a year ago. Back then, the only worries I had about eating or drinking anything was the effect it might have on my waistline. Even though I knew I was lactose intolerant, I chose to eat dairy on many occasions anyway – what’s a little bit of abdominal bloating when there’s ice cream cake to be had? Life is for living, people!!!!

Ever since I developed psoriasis, that attitude has completely changed. Monitoring the effects of alcohol on psoriasis, for one, has made me ration every sip of alcohol I consume. If I want to have this gin & tonic – I will pay for it later, in the form of itchy, red, flaky scales. How carefree were the days when the only thing keeping me back from another glass was the bar tab? Now when I have a couple of drinks on a night out, I mull over the decision for days afterwards.

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A farewell to beer. (Alcohol & Psoriasis)

I loved alcohol more than I loved cat memes, useless adorable stickers, and finding out the item I’m buying at full price is actually 50% off. Confidant, ally, enabler, and friend – alcohol was a huge part of my life for the past decade.

It was not difficult for me to have 2-3 drinks a night for absolutely no reason whatsoever. With an actual celebratory occasion, that number often reached into the double digits. There have been MANY periods over the past few years when I’ve become worried about my own level of drinking – only to impose some arbitrary drinking restriction for a period of time before returning to normal.

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My Psoriasis Story

In April of 2016, I was diagnosed officially with psoriasis. Having never previously heard of this disease, I have spent the past 8 months reading about it.

I’m blogging to provide a real-time resource to other psoriatic patients, and also to keep track of my own experimentation on what works. A large part of my diet/lifestyle changes in the past 6 months has been in effort to reduce my psoriasis.

To non-psoriatic patients, this may not interest you as much, but given that it’s a disease that can affect anyone at any age, it probably is affecting someone in your life right now. So I hope my posts will give you some beneficial information.

Here is my story:

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