Dealing with envy.

Envying others is a waste of time. Why waste time focused on what someone else has when I could be spending that time on my own happiness?

That being said, I am a person who is prone to impatience and anger. Sometimes, I can become really annoyed by just a comment someone has made, and it baffles those around me. “Why is this such a big deal?”When I examine the source of the anger in retrospect, I realize that there’s a little green-eyed monster underneath after all.

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30 Day Social Media Ban.

At the beginning of my challenge to rid myself of social media for a month, I wanted to break free of the compulsion to check my phone on a near constant basis.

Even with all the apps gone, I still find myself looking at my phone every once in a while to see if I have received any new notifications. Even without Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, I find myself refreshing my email, facebook messenger, and even texts more often.

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What is really the worst?

Recently when I turn on the news, I’m saddened by the headlines I read. Even though I’m Canadian, scary, un-precedented things are happening south of the border and it feels very close to home.

Americans look like Canadians, speak like Canadians, watch the same TV and buy the same stuff as Canadians. We share celebrities and popular travel destinations. We largely share the same ideals, values, and traditions.


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Should vs. Want

One of the things I’m guilty of is my tendency to criticism myself. More often than I’d like, when something goes wrong, I will mentally scold and blame myself, regardless of whether I was the actual reason. I want to change my internal narrative to become more positive, and recently I looked into a few styles of positive thinking.

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You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

The first time I heard this quote, an acquaintance told me that he could guess my income based on knowing the income of my 5 closest friends. He said that is why he associates primarily with millionaires. Even though he himself was not one, he believed that by hanging out with them, whatever led to their financial success would rub off on him.

I’ve heard this phrase again over the years, not just in relation to income but also in relation to : appearance, personality, attitude, weight.

(Yes there was a study that stated if your friends are overweight, you are likely to be overweight as well.)

Let’s think about it this way:
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