30 Day Social Media Ban.

At the beginning of my challenge to rid myself of social media for a month, I wanted to break free of the compulsion to check my phone on a near constant basis.

Even with all the apps gone, I still find myself looking at my phone every once in a while to see if I have received any new notifications. Even without Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, I find myself refreshing my email, facebook messenger, and even texts more often.

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What I learned about my fashion choices

Part of the appeal in pursuing a KonMari lifestyle is in finding one’s ideal self-image. Marie Kondo suggests we start by envisioning the sort of lifestyle we would want to have, if we could have any, and then discard all the things that don’t bring us to that lifestyle.

This isn’t my first round of closet decluttering. I have definitely discovered, that each time I go through a round of decluttering my clothes, I am more convinced of what I like and what represents my fashion sense. As I wrap up my closet decluttering for this round, here’s what I’ve noticed about my personal style – and what remains in my closet.

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I caught the shopping bug.

So I had set a June 15th deadline (two weeks from when I started) to have finished decluttering my closet. I made good progress at the beginning and donated a garbage bag of clothing and shoes to the local thrift store. (How have I already accumulated another bag??)

Once I declutter, I declared, I will be left with only what I truly love and I will not need to shop unless I am in absolute need of something.

Then Vegas happened and I started shopping.

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“You’re always de-cluttering your closet.”

Yesterday, as I enthusiastically pulled every piece of clothing from my closet onto my bed as Kon Mari suggests to do, I was enthralled with the thought that I would finally, finally have a perfectly de-cluttered home.

My boyfriend watched with amusement, “Remember a few years ago when you dumped bags of clothing at your friend’s house?”

No. I didn’t remember. In fact I completely forgot until he brought it up.

“I just think it’s funny how you’re always ‘de-cluttering’ your closet.” He remarked as he exited the room.

Even though it was just a statement said in passing, I was shocked when I realized just how many times I had tried to declutter previously.

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