Go away summer.

Sorry for not posting last week. Lately I’ve been feeling like a chicken with its head cut off. Constantly rushing from place to place, constantly being late for things. Attempts made to complain to ‘adults’ always result in them telling me, “Oh trust me, it’s way worse with kids.” so I guess at least I have that to look forward to.

Now that it’s nice in Vancouver, lots of people spend their evenings at the beach (in front of where I live). I dread this part of summer the most. What used to be a relaxing solitary jog after work is now turned into side-stepping around other people’s dogs and trying not to get hit in the face with a selfie stick.

Summer is my least favorite season.

I’ve always preferred summer the least out of all the seasons.

Fall is full of holidays and the anticipation of Christmas (pumpkin spice everything brings peace to my inner white girl). Winter is cozy and a good excuse to snuggle under a blanket reading. Spring brings all the vitality and botanical blooms that even I miss after a few months without.

Summer, on the other hand, comes full of expectations. All of a sudden ‘blanket burrito-ing’ (a term coined by my friend Rosie) on a Saturday is accompanied with a hefty dose of shame. The cheerful laughter of people outside my window serve as my constant reminder that I’m somehow doing life wrong. Why am I wasting away indoors when I should be outside?

Living on the beach means there is always something exciting going on. Drum circles. Street performers. Drunkards. Half naked volleyball players. This is a blessing for #funemployed folk but a curse for the socially neurotic. Like, I know that it’s not the same people night after night singing and blowing bubbles on the beach and that they probably spend time indoors as well but my amygdala still manages to convince me that everyone is doing it better outside.

Complaining about other people living their lives won’t improve mine, obviously, but still I feel better after shaking my little fist around a bit. Bah. Humbug. Party’s over. Everyone go home now. Stop littering and take your trash with you. Go away summer.



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