Hi, I’m Tracy.

I’m flattered that people willingly come here to read about my neurosis. This blog started as a documentation of my ‘decluttering journey’ because I wanted to hop aboard the minimalism trend, but it ended up becoming a place where I dump details about my life I otherwise have no outlet for.

To commemorate this joyous occasion of tricking 50 wonderful followers. Here are some facts about me that you may not know.

(I really do appreciate you for reading.)



Why I am awkward.

1. I’m a lot more introverted than most people think. I prefer to communicate through writing rather than face-to-face, and when I’m stressed or sad I need to be by myself.

2. It takes longer than normal for me to warm up to new people. I love friends. I hate the uncertainty at the beginning of a friendship when you’re not sure if you will like each other or not.

3. Small talk makes me uncomfortable and I don’t find it enjoyable. To me, it’s inauthentic because I don’t actually care what people say and I have to pretend to be interested/focus really hard.

4. I’ve been told by a lot of people that my ‘first impression’ is reserved and quiet (and sometimes disinterested).

5. When I do warm up to people, my preferred method of communication is to joke around with them or tease them. I also really enjoy pranking others.

(Wow guys why does anyone want to be friends with me)

Why I have no money.

6. I have low grade OCD which makes me prone to addictions. On the one hand, I have trouble not buying random shit or just having ‘one drink’, on the other hand, I can really get things done with laser-like intensity when I need to (especially after a bout of procrastination).

7. My weak spot is cute plushies. Once I buy one, I can’t get rid of it because I think about how how cute it is and how it will be so sad to be abandoned. (If it’s not cute, I can get rid of it easily lol)

8. My favorite food is noodles. I love udon, ramen, jia jiang mien, pho, yakisoba, beef over rice noodles, basically all kinds of noodles except pasta.

9. I cannot stand horror movies because they over-stimulate me, but I love horror fiction like Stephen King or Joe Hill.

10. My favorite Pokemon was Bulbasaur growing up, but I really like Vulpix now. Mostly because if Vulpix evolved I could still keep Ninetails in my house but what would I even do with a Venusaur?

Why I’m delulu.

11. I cry really easily when watching movies, so I like watching 3D movies because the glasses hides my face.

12. I’m drawn to melancholy things but I also think it’s pretentious to be drawn to melancholy things.

13. I like driving to places by myself because then I can sing in the car. When I have a passenger, I don’t do it because I get the lyrics wrong and become embarrassed.

14. I really like reading about serial killers and unsolved crime mysteries. Only real life ones – mystery books aren’t exciting.

15. I used to write Dragon Ball Z fanfiction when I was in highschool.

16. My dream is to write an angsty-teen novel with a tragic ending. The point is that they were so happy but then everything crumbles down and then they’re miserable forever. (So pretty much my life goal is to make a bunch of teenagers cry.)

Sometimes I take myself seriously.

17.  While I have many flaws, in general, I am a happy person and I like myself. I like being around people who can make me a better version of myself and detest people who make my imperfections come out. The qualities I value most in others are conscientiousness, wisdom, bravery, kindness and patience. The qualities I abhor are passiveness and incompetence.

In any case, there are 17 things about me you might not have known. Thank you so much for reading, and I would like it a lot if you left me a comment with a fun tidbit about yourself. 🙂







4 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Tracy.

  1. My favourite blogs are those that talk about their lives. Like yours! 🙂

    I’m awkward JUST LIKE YOU. I take forever to warm up to people and my first impressions, like yours, are shy and reserved – often mistaken for coolness. I find it harder and harder to make friends as I grow up, which sucks! And like you, I’m not much of a communicator when it comes to talking face-to-face. I’m so much better in writing haha.

    Growing up, my favourite Pokemon was Bulbasaur too… until people started calling me “Charmander” because my name is Charmaine. Then I sort of began liking Charmander more and to this day I still feel guilty I betrayed my Bulbaboy for the overrated Charmander. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because after a few years I began liking Sandslash the most. It’s so random but years on now, it’s still my favourite Pokemon.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


    1. I love Sandslash! It’s such a cool pokemon. Charmander to me made no sense – it was the only pokemon with a fatal weakness. Extinguish its tail (literally any water pokemon) and it will die WTF.


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