One month of clean eating.

During the middle of March, I went on the Wild Rose Detox for two weeks. When that ended, I continued to stick to a ‘clean diet’ with 90% adherence in order to see if it made a difference for my skin.

It has been approximately one month since I have been eating ‘clean’.

My restricted food groups still include:

1. Dairy
2. Gluten
3. Red Meat
4. Refined Carbs
5. Sugar
6. Citrus Fruits*
7. Nightshade Vegetables*
8. Alcohol*
9. Onions

I have added back coffee into my diet (hallelujah), and have been eating small amounts of the above categories with asterisks. Over the weekend I went out and had a lot of drinks – by Sunday night my psoriasis was already looking worse – so I definitely pay for alcohol consumption.

Weight Loss
I have not been experiencing any. My weight has been pretty steady for the past two weeks. (111-112lbs) This seems to be my equilibrium weight at the moment.

I continue to have steady energy throughout the day. As long as I eat enough carbs, exercising is perfectly ok.

This has been the BIGGEST change to date. I’ve never been regular, simply believing that bowel movements every other or every third day was normal. Since I’ve been eating this way I’ve had very regular (minimum once a day, sometimes two), very healthy looking bowel movements. (If you’d like to know what they should look like, just google it)

(And yes talking about shitting is kind of gross, but the point of this diet is to fix whatever is going wrong internally – so improved digestion is important)

Grocery shopping and dishwashing never seems to end for me but it’s ok. Food gathering was a primary source of effort (sometimes the sole source) of our ancestors, and buying fresh produce is actually a skill which I’m getting better at.

For example, when I purchase fruit I plan my week around the ripeness of the fruit. I will buy some green mangos because I want them to keep until later in the week, and some yellow ones because I want them right away. Even with apples, there’s no reason to buy 6 apples of the same variety when you can buy 1 apple of each kind. (Sorry cashier) Being creative with my produce allows me to have variety in my diet.

Eating Out
It’s very hard to eat the way I do out at restaurants because my only options are salads. Therefore, in the past two weeks I gave myself a little bit of wiggle room when I eat out. I’ll have Chinese dishes made with rice noodles, vegetarian dishes on rice, salmon & avocado rolls, etc.

Of course, there are loads of sugar, salt and MSG in restaurant sauces. So that accounts for the 10% of my diet that is not ‘perfect’.

I’ve also gotten over the guilt of being a difficult eater. I say no when people eat at a restaurant that I know will not have options for me. Really, everything gets easier once you have to do it a few times.

My psoriasis is looking better right now, but I think it’s in large due to the new medication I’m on and not so much my diet – another post on this later.

What I eat daily

Breakfast: oatmeal with berries
Lunch: brown rice/beans with baked vegetables and tofu
Dinner: giant salad (whatever vegetables I have in the fridge with the exception of nightshades) with olive oil/vinegar dressing

Snacks: lots of nuts, fresh fruit, matcha green tea, black coffee

Occasionally: wild salmon

I’ll be following this diet for another month and a bit. Likely until the end of May. I’ll report back periodically. I’m going to Vegas in June so ideally I’d like to get more ‘bikini-bod’ ready before then. Even though I’m no longer losing weight on this diet, I hope I’m still replacing fat with muscle.


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