There are no quick and easy answers to dieting.

Two weeks on the wild rose detox with 95% adherence was not easy, but it went by faster than the first time around.

This round was too short to figure out whether certain foods triggered my psoriasis. From reading forums online regarding elimination diets, it takes people 6 months (sometimes longer) to fully reap the benefits from eating clean.




Confronted with the possibility of continuing my very strict diet for another half year, I felt my initial dieting enthusiasm deflate.

You mean I can’t go out to eat at my favorite restaurants anymore? 

You mean I can’t grab a drink casually after work?

Is life even worth living?????

I had expressed my frustrations with my psychologist, and asked her whether it was even worthwhile for me to continue with this strict diet. I felt frustrated because there was no guarantee that it would fix my condition, and if the 2 weeks were any indication, it’s getting worse instead of getting better.

What she said to me was simple, but really effective.

“To me, it sounds like doing this sort of elimination diet will help you learn about your body’s reactions to inflammation triggers. You are not doing it for no reason.

Back when you were in school, sometimes you couldn’t hang out with your friends or go out drinking because you had to study for exams. Yet you managed then because you knew it had to be done. Treat these next months as a period of studying your own body.”

Her words really rang through for me. Maybe it’s not fair that I have to meal prep every single day now. Maybe it’s not fun to stay in while others get to eat out. But it’s not forever – and if I’m going to do dieting, then I’m going to do it right and I’m going to stick to it.

When I was in school, of course I wanted to get as high as I could on my exams. Of course I turned in my assignments on time and did my best for them. The funny thing is, even though I cared very little about some of my electives (sorry Anthro110), I still tried my best because that’s what was expected of me.

Now I’m learning about my own body – THE most important possession I have. How can I just give up because it’s ‘difficult’? This lesson I will carry with me for the remainder of my life. So it’s important that I give it 100% – no matter how difficult.


Even though today marks the end of the Wild Rose Detox, I will be continuing to monitor my food intake and restrict certain food groups.

These restricted food groups now include:

1. Dairy
2. Gluten
3. Red Meat
4. Refined Carbs
5. Sugar
6. Citrus Fruits
7. Nightshade Vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes)
8. Alcohol*
9. Coffee
10. Onions (because I suspect I may be sensitive to raw onions)

What I will be adding back to my diet that I didn’t eat on the Wild Rose Detox.

  • White Rice
  • All fruit except citrus fruit
  • Honey
  • Small amounts of added salt
  • Eggs

This diet will go on for the foreseeable future. I will slowly add certain food groups back in one by one to see if any will cause problems for me.

*I will be avoiding all alcohol, but especially beer, liqueurs, and spirits derived from gluten. Wine or gluten free spirits I will allow myself to have very sparsely.



Wild Rose Detox at the end of two weeks:

Weight Loss:

As of this morning I weighed 110.2lbs. Or a decrease of 1.5lbs over two weeks. I wouldn’t say weight loss on this diet is significant for me, especially since I started eating nuts by the handful in week 2.


I feel pretty good without sugar and refined carbs as I don’t have any energy spikes or crashes. Exercising is challenging though. Cardio is more difficult now that I’m off sugar, I feel so tired running and my muscles feel like they don’t have enough energy to keep me going. Weight lifting has always been hard, and so it remains hard.


Digestive system wise, everything seems to be functioning well inside. No bloating. I’m extra gassy and very regular. (Fibre?? I don’t know.)


Because all I eat are fruits and vegetables, my life consists of going grocery shopping and doing dishes. Whereas I’d maybe go before once a week to stock up on frozen items and pasta, I now go every 3rd day to pick up fresh produce and the catch of the day. I’m constantly in my kitchen meal prepping or cooking for myself. It definitely takes up a lot of time and I’ve had to give up some other activities (like cut back on Youtube videos).


It got worse at the end of week one. Really, really bad. It flared for about 3-4 days and now it’s gone down again.

Start of diet – raised, itchy, weird spots
Week 1 (before the crazy flare up) – flatter, still itchy, less spots
unnamed (3)
Week 2 (after the crazy flare up) – flatter, paler, some new spots from flare up that have gotten bigger (see top right)

On the plus side, my abs look pretty good.


See you guys all next week! I’m off to look for some decaf espresso to satisfy my coffee tooth. (Decaf is ok, right?)


2 thoughts on “There are no quick and easy answers to dieting.

  1. I really admire you for attempting this diet. Just looking at your forbidden food list makes me dizzy. I’ve never gone on any elimination diet myself, but I don’t eat dairy anyway (I HATE cheese and milk) and I would say my skin got a lot better after cutting it clean years ago.

    Although you mentioned that you didn’t see much change in terms of weight loss, please remember that your mental health is more important, and anyway, losing weight is not the point of this diet!

    Good luck with the rest of it. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog


  2. Dieting, whatever the reason is never easy! But you have the strength to do it! Our bodies are our most important asset. I have a lot to lose, though I am happy to say I am 13 pounds lighter now than when I started. I am not dieting for the same reason you are, but I am going through many similar struggles! Best of Luck!


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