Cute crap I don’t need. (aka March Yumebox Review)

Last month, I received my first subscription box from Japan. I was a little let down that I didn’t end up using most of the items in my box, so I told myself, “If March’s box is similar to February’s, then cancel it! You can do something else with that $40.”

March’s Yumetwins promised to contain ‘Totoro’ items! As long as it’s not a box full of keychains, I will be happy.

Here is March’s Yumetwin’s Box.



  1. A cute facetowel featuring Totoro in a field of strawberries (they’re strawberries, right …? why are they so small in comparison to the flowers and dandelions?)


I brought a few cute face towels back from Japan when I visited last year. One year later, I haven’t used them because I don’t want to dirty the beautiful print – I gave one to a friend and the last time I visited her home I saw her wiping off her kitchen counter with it. (*dies a little inside*)

2. Next is a little figurine of 3 ‘white totoros’ (I had to google this guy’s name – White Totoro is the brother of Blue Totoro). This figurine is a 9 piece puzzle which you can put together pretty easily. It’s now sitting on our TV stand.


3. Next is a Totoro origami kit. You can use the paper they provide to make a big Totoro, a Catbus, a Blue Totoro, and a White Totoro. These characters then all stand on the hard cardboard case as a cute display. I haven’t made it yet because I want to be sure I have a nice place to display the finished product.


Origami Back

4. In tandem with the previous item. There’s an adorable packet of Totoro origami paper! There are 5 designs in all for a total of 20 sheets. All the designs are so intricate and adorable – this high quality level is exactly what I wanted for from a Japanese subscription box. (curse you, Kawaii box)


Origami 2

5. Lastly, what would a Japanese subscription box be if there wasn’t at least one cat related item? I’m not even mad about it. This month’s plush is an adorable cat with brown ears, paws, and nose. His head is slightly cocked forward like he’s deeply in thought (or about to pass out) and his eyes are closed. I adore the personality of this cat and he is now stationed by my framed Studio Ghibli photo prints.

unnamed (2)


This month’s Yumetwin’s box gets an 8/10.

The only reason it doesn’t score higher is because 3 weeks after opening the box, the origami items and towel are still left untouched. (But I do really like them!) Hmm, maybe I should make like my friend and clean my counters with the towel too.  (Marie Kondo’s imagined voice comes to mind: is the towel happier staying pristine but unused or would it prefer to be put to work? )

I really think this box is a huge improvement from February’s box and hope to see more themed boxes in the future. April’s Yumebox is apparently Gudetama themed. I love Gudetama so I’m really excited. (Can you imagine if there was a Pokemon themed box? OMG I would die)


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