One week of eating clean

I have been following the wild rose detox strictly for one week now. I would say I have 95% adherence to the diet, with the 5% being ‘accidental’.

Watch those sauces.

In the past week, I have not had any dairy, any wheat, any added sugar, tropical fruit,  or alcohol.

What I have been eating:

Purple Potatoes
Red Onions
Bok Choy
Kobucha Squash
Bone Broth
Pork Liver*
Brown Rice
Sunflower Seeds
Almond Milk (no sugar added)
Herbal tea

I shop the produce and fruit section of the supermarket and that’s it. I meal prep for work and I carry almonds with me just in case I get hungry. Dessert after dinner is a piece of fruit and some nuts. (What a life, eh?)

Weight Loss

As of this morning I weighed 109.2lbs. Or a decrease of 2.5lbs from when I first started. I have not been limiting my portions. In fact, if anything I’ve been purposely over-eating or eating when I don’t feel hungry because most of the foods are not calorically dense. (I don’t want my metabolism to slow down)


On Thursday (4 days after the start of my diet), my psoriasis had considerably faded. A lot of the spots were fainter in colour and some had vanished completely. I was enthralled.

L: beginning of diet                       R: 5 days into diet

Sadly, on Saturday night (6 days after the start of my diet) they started to increase in size/color again. Today they are inflamed.

Yesterday I went out for brunch and had a tofu/vegetable scramble that was cooked with unknown spices. I also had a few bites of my boyfriend’s food which had some hot sauce. I’m really skeptical that such a tiny deviation could cause my psoriasis to flare up again, but I can’t rule it out.

*Another potential culprit could be the pork liver I ate Sunday morning – the first time I ate red meat of any kind for a while. Or perhaps I’ve been overdoing the caffeine and fish? It’s all very confusing as the more popular Psoriasis diets give conflicting advice. (Dr. Pagano’s Psoriasis diet says no red meat, but the Autoimmune Protocol Diet says red meat and offal is encouraged)

On week two of my diet I’m going to not eat red meat at all and stick to mostly vegetarian. I also won’t drink coffee this week (so sad) and drink green teas to see if this makes a difference.

On happiness and social life

Eating this clean is pretty restrictive, but as long as I grocery shop and meal prep, I am not bored with my food. I do continue to postpone social engagements to do with food.

There’s a box of artisan donuts (with even two gluten-free options) in the office kitchen and such delicious things will be off limits to me in the foreseeable future.

While it feels quite lonely to eat the way I do, I remain optimistic that this will help my psoriasis long term. Update you in a week again.




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