26 things I did while I was 26

I turned 27 yesterday! To celebrate, here are the top 26 most memorable things I did while I was 26.

26 Things I did while 26:

1. In April, I spent 15 days in Japan. I was able to see some of Japan’s most famous shrines at the end of cherry blossom season. I saw 20+ wild cats on the Philosopher’s Path, spent way much time and money in Akihabara, and slept in a ryokan at the base of Mount Fuji. I’m already looking forward to going back in the near future.

2. Got a promotion at work.

3. Made some really awesome new friends, and subsequently went to a lot of birthdays and GNOs.

4. Went to Las Vegas for the first time for a friend’s bachelorette party.

5. Tried a lot of active things in the summer – like hiking the Garibaldi, and going windsurfing.

6. Went to Vernon to perform at a military tattoo. (and got to meet the South Korean military!)

7. Attended a good friend’s wedding in our hometown. She’s the first one out of us to get married … (*cue internal scream*)

8. Developed a little Gucci addiction. (Is it really a teeguu list if it doesn’t include some handbags?)

9. Enjoyed many beautiful runs along the Vancouver seawall.

10. Started and continued to write in this blog! Thank you so much for reading. I have had so much fun contributing content.

11. Went to San Diego and partied with co-workers.

12. Got really into EDM and saw a lot of DJs. (Zedd, Calvin Harris, Borgeousx2, Seven Lions, Flume, etc)

13. Built a house in Tijuana for a family of four over two days.

14. Started seeing a wonderful psychologist regularly to work on my mindfulness, self-awareness, and happiness. (ongoing)

15. Got in shape.

16. Celebrated my 5 year anniversary with Marten.

17. Took Marten to Harrison Hot Springs for his birthday.

18. Spent a weekend in Chilliwack with the military band and did some fun gigs this year. (Don’t actually ask me which, they all blur together after a few years.)

19. Fulfilled a lifelong dream of dressing up as Sailor Scouts with a girl squad! And also made my own loofah costume.

20. Started drinking 3+ litres of water a day.

21. Spent time with my parents in my hometown and helped them buy a new house.

22. Spent NYE on a boat.

23. Ate a lot of delicious food and went to 5 different restaurants for Dine-out Vancouver 2017, a new gluttonous record.

24. Developed psoriasis, which isn’t a good thing but which helped me curb my (not so) little drinking problem.

25. Took a week long vacation to Cancun, Mexico with Marten! We visited a Cenote, Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres, and spent tons of time in the ocean. We also partied on a catamaran, snorkeled with some tropical fish, and held a shark!.

26. Celebrated a wonderful 26th year of life by throwing a 90’s themed costume party.

As I paused to make a birthday wish before I blew out the candles on my birthday cake, I truly could not think of anything I still wanted that I didn’t have. My mind briefly thought about wishing for my Psoriasis to go away permanently, but I didn’t want to ‘spend’ my birthday wish on something petty like that. I think that goes to show that 26 has been a very good year to me and that I’m excited to see what’s next. (I did end up wishing for something though – and I hope it will come true!)


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