Everything I bought in December 2016

Even though this blog started out as a ‘minimalism & decluttering’ blog, I quickly veered off topic and found myself writing about other things. When I try to confine myself to  just writing about decluttering – I find I don’t have much to say. However, when I write everytime I feel like writing, there are many more sources of inspiration to draw from.

I still am very much interested in curbing my spending habits. So for the month of December, I tracked every non-essential possession I acquired along with their cost.

Non essential to me, means something that I could’ve lived without. Medication, food (even though not all food is essential), alcohol, and gifts are not included here. Services are also not included.


Every ‘thing’ I bought in December 2016:

  1. Pokemon Sun – $55
  2. Blue floor length dress – $55
  3. Black t-shirt from Zara – $25
  4. Vaseline – $4
  5. Cetaphil facewash – $12
  6. Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur (e-book) – $10
  7. Mamamoo poster x 12 – $25
  8. Folder from stationary shop – $3
  9. Eye contact solution (x2 cases) – $45
  10. Christmas fern – $5
  11. Rarity my little pony plush – $6
  12. Christmas wrapping paper – $5
  13. Deep Learning by Cal Newport (e-book) – $20
  14. NYX Concealer – $9
  15. Turmeric Pills – $30
  16. NYE crackers – $11
  17. More Christmas wrapping paper – $6
  18. Dry shampoo (x2) – $20
  19. Behind Closed Doors by BA Paris – $11

Total: $357*

*the Christmas fern was paid for by Marten (thank you) as I didn’t have cash on me, however it’s something I acquired for myself so I’m counting it as a possession
I had a horrendous month in November where I spent too much money (and I mean too much money, even for me) – so coming into December I wanted to actively limit my spending to only things I deemed absolutely necessary.

As you can see, I still ended up with 19 (not counting doubles) new things – which I’ve broken down into the following categories with comments.

Entertainment – already logged 30+ hours on Pokemon Sun this month, I have no regrets. The 3 books were all good too.

Clothing – even though I swore to not buy a single piece of clothing, I still caved and impulsively bought two pieces. I will wear both of them but neither were essential. In fact, I only purchased the floor length blue dress because I was amazed at the low price – I don’t have anywhere to wear it to.

Skin care and Cosmetics – every thing in this category I actually needed for my vanity. Contact solution, dry shampoo, and concealer are as ‘essential’ as non-essential items go for me and I had run out of all three. I use a $90 Shu Uemura cleansing oil to wash my face and planned on repurchasing once my existing bottle ran out, however my skin looked nice after the 30 day water challenge so I decided to try something much cheaper.

Randomthis category is kind of embarrassing, did I need a $6 my little pony plush doll? No. In fact my friend bought me the same doll for secret santa so now I have two due to my own gluttony. The Mamamoo posters were also extravagant, but I see their merchandise in Canada so rarely compared to other kpop artists that I had to support them. I did it as a fan. A FAN. 

I did pretty good this month and phenomenal compared to November. I would give myself an 8/10.

Moving forward, I will be tracking what I buy on a monthly basis and reporting it here. I will also declutter once a month and toss old possessions (*knock on wood*), it will be interesting to see the number of items coming in the house vs going out.


How was your December? Did you empty your bank account treating others? Or just treating yourself?




One thought on “Everything I bought in December 2016

  1. LOL 12 posters?? How about just 1 next time. And remind me to ask my friend who runs Gift Land.
    You should get into a habit of writing down stuff you want around the times when presents might be coming ahead (i.e. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries). If they don’t get you what you wanted on your list, then you can buy it yourself.


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