30 Day Water Challenge – Update 3 and Skin Update

I’m halfway through the 30 day water challenge now, so here’s my first skin update.


Today is the 15th day that I’ve drank at least 3L of water a day. Below is a photo I took today compared to a photo from day 1.

I tried to take the photos from a similar angle and lighting to minimize external changes between the two. My makeup and skincare regime has not changed within this time. In both pictures I am wearing some light concealer around my T-zone, and bb cream over the whole face. I’m also wearing a highlighting blush on my cheeks.


As you can see from the pictures, day 1 was slightly sunnier than today, but everything else is similar.

To be honest, I didn’t think there would be much change in just two weeks. However, looking at these two photos side by side, I can definitely see some positive changes to my skin.

  1. My skin looks plumper today than two weeks ago. It looks like it’s bouncy and taut whereas two weeks ago it looked duller and flatter.
  2. It looks like there is a natural highlight across my forehead and down my nose now. (No makeup highlight was applied there.)
  3. Comparing these two photos, you could say my skin looks ‘dehydrated’ in Day 1. However keep in mind Day 1 was a normal skin day for me.
  4. The fine lines on my forehead are much less visible now.
  5. I haven’t noticed a change in break-outs or redness in the two weeks. I also haven’t noticed my pores changing in size.
  6. I don’t usually have dark circles underneath my eyes, however it seems like they’re less visible on Day 15.

In general, I would say that my overall skin appearance looks more healthy and radiant. At first I was disappointed because I had the expectation that drinking so much water would clear away my break-outs. Now after seeing the improvement in just 2 weeks. I’m pleased with the texture and appearance of my skin even with no improvement in break-outs.

Some observations that you can’t see in the photos are:

  1. I had extremely dry cuticles on my hands and I would always pick at them absentmindedly, making them worse. Now I don’t have that problem and I have hardly picked at them at all.
  2. I was prone to getting very oily in my T-zone mid-day before, having to blot with powder often. Now my skin is more balanced and less excessively oily while looking more hydrated overall.
  3. I haven’t noticed any change in my hair.
  4. I have neither gained nor lost any weight.
  5. On day 1 I was actually just coming off of the Wild Rose Detox where I ate exceptionally clean for the preceding 2 weeks – avoiding all gluten, processed food, red meat, alcohol, added sugar and sodium, and dairy. Now 2 weeks later I’m back on pretty much all of those things except for dairy. So one reason why I may not be seeing a reduction in breakouts is because I’m going from a super clean diet to a normal one.

One last note before I end this update: it’s as if my body has adapted to drinking so much water. Before I had trouble finishing all the water let alone any other liquid in a day, yesterday I was able to drink all my water, plus 2 cups of tea and a cup of coffee. Today I finished my first liter two hours ahead of time and sipped on two cups of tea. I still feel thirsty.

At the end of the 30 days I’ll take another update photo to see if there are any other improvements in my skin.







2 thoughts on “30 Day Water Challenge – Update 3 and Skin Update

  1. Hi….So I am starting to do this and ran through a couple of blogs.

    After two weeks you exhibited considerable improvement (Don’t take that the wrong way, you just look a lot healthier in the after photo)

    How did it go after 30 days?


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