30 Day Water Challenge – Update 2

It has now been 10 days since I started the 30 Day Water Challenge. To be honest, I thought drinking water would become like second nature to me – but that hasn’t been the case at all.



In week 1, I was so keen on getting in my 3L of water a day that water was always on the front of my mind. Now I find myself forgetting to drink water for hours at a time, which means I have to make up for it later.

1. Going to the washroom frequently is a huge pain when you have to do anything for an extended period of time. I had to go twice during one 2.5 hour flight. You have to interrupt watching a movie, and forget about doing anything without a toilet close by.

2. Drinking anything else means less room for water – whether that’s coffee, a smoothie, tea, alcohol, or even soup. Sometimes I want to drink something flavoured but I end up regretting it as I realize my water bottle has been untouched and I become uncomfortably full.

3. I’m not very hungry anymore. You know how a lot of weight loss tips include drinking water when you feel hungry? I honestly believe that I had confused my dehydration for hunger in the past. Now, when actual hunger hits, no amount of water will satiate that craving.

4. I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in my skin which is disappointing. I thought for sure by Day 10 I would miraculously see my fine lines and redness vanish, but that hasn’t been the case. One point to note – I have combination skin, which means my T-Zone is super oily and the rest of my face is so dry it can be flaky at times. Since drinking water – I feel my face is much more balanced, it’s neither super oily or dry – so that’s a positive.

5. Alcohol craving wise, I still think about drinking wine – but the thought of beer is unappealing due to the volume of liquid. I don’t want to have to drink water when I’m already bloated from beer – I’d suggest beer lovers who want to cut down to try this water challenge.
So far I haven’t missed a single day of drinking 3L of water, so I’m really hoping more skin improvements will appear by the end of the month!



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