30 Day Water Challenge – Update 1

It’s been 5 days since I started the 30 day water challenge. Here are my thoughts so far:


My thoughts so far on the 30 Day Water Challenge:

  1. On the first day, I felt so bloated from drinking so much water I had to walk hunched over. Luckily, after the first 24 hours my body grew used to the water and the bloating stopped.
  2. My urge to snack has decreased tremendously because I am always drinking water. I don’t have room in my stomach to snack. I barely have enough room to eat food.
  3. No effect on sleeping behaviour so far.
  4. My energy levels are through the roof! I was a little disappointed that the Wild Rose Detox did not increase my energy level, but drinking so much water definitely has. I find myself doing more chores around the house, walking around more, and just being more sprightly in general.
  5. My urge to drink beer (or any other flavored solids) has decreased. There is simply no room for non-water liquids.
  6. Cold water is easier to drink than room temperature or hot water for me.

It’s so easy to forget drinking water when it’s not on hand. During the week my water bottle is right next to me at work so I consistently sip it, but the weekend is unpredictable.

On Sunday I went holiday shopping, and even though I brought my water bottle with me I ended up leaving it in the car. When I got home I realized I had to drink 2L of water between 5pm – 9pm in order to meet my quota. I was so full I wanted to throw up.

Hoping to see more benefits next week.


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