30 Day Water Challenge

The Wild Rose detox had such an amazing effect on my body that I was sad to see the detox end. Even though it’s too extreme for my lifestyle long term, I want to make more progress in terms of health and to feel even better than I do currently – which is why I am now doing another healthy diet challenge.


Most of us know the rule to drink 2L (8 glasses) of water a day. Yet I rarely drank just water because I thought it tasted bland. I got my liquids in through teas, coffee, juices, milk, iced drinks, and even booze. Now hold on, you’re thinking, some of those are actually diuretics and dehydrating. Yup, so even on the rare days when I manage to hit 2L (I never kept track) I am nowhere near the recommended amount of hydration.

What is the 30 Day Water Challenge?

On the water challenge, I have to drink 3L of plain water a day every day for 30 days. I can drink other liquids in addition to water, but they will not count towards the 3L.

How will I do it?

I went out and bought a 1L Nalgene water bottle that has 100ml increments on the side. I have to drink 3 of these bottles a day. Since the thought of getting up during the middle of the night is unappealing, I will drink 3L by 8:00pm.

Reading what other people have recommended, the key is to sip water throughout the day rather than chugging large amounts at once. All I need to do to hit my target is to drink 1L every four hours, or 250ml every hour. That doesn’t seem bad at all.

I will fill up my water bottle at 8am, noon, and 4pm each day. This will prevent me from having to chug too much water at any one point during the day.

Isn’t drinking too much water bad for you though?

Others have reported feeling bloated and uncomfortable while on the challenge, but a quick google search tells me it’s probably ok health-wise. If 2L is the recommended amount, then an extra L doesn’t seem extreme.

I don’t have existing health concerns, so I didn’t consult with my doctor about whether 3L of water poses a health risk, If I start feeling bad because of too much water intake, I will adjust accordingly.

What do I hope to accomplish with this challenge?

According to others who’ve done it, the challenge has been amazing for their skin and energy levels. People have reported looking 10 years younger, smaller pores, bowel regularity, in addition to weight loss.

I’m very bad at drinking water, so hopefully if I complete this challenge, drinking more water will be a permanent lifestyle change. Water is free, easily accessible, and I don’t see any harm in incorporating it in my life. I also hope that drinking more water will improve my complexion (minimize pores, decrease redness, reduce breakouts) and curb junk food cravings (sugar, sodium, alcohol).

I’m excited to report my findings here in the very near future for you all. Do any of you guys track your water consumption? How much do you drink everyday?




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