Wild Rose Detox : Summary (I’m done!!!!)

I wrote up my day 10-12 summary but it was more of the same as the previous days, eggs, oatmeal, and lots of sweet potato. If I’m tired of writing about the same few meals, you are probably tired of reading about them.

Instead, here is my summary on the wild rose detox.


Observations about the Wild Rose Detox

Weight Loss:
Starting weight: 113.6lb
Ending weight: 108.8lb (- 5lb)

After following the diet for 12 days, I weighed almost 5lbs less than my start weight. I think some of this is water weight from not ingesting as much sodium, but I have definitely shed some fat as well. The biggest difference is that my mid-section looks and feels a lot trimmer and my abs are more defined. I will let you guys know if the weight comes back in a few weeks.

Exercise & Energy:

It was easy to lift weights while on the cleanse, but I had trouble running my usual distances. I felt like I had no energy in my legs due to not eating as much carbs as I typically did. If you incorporate a lot of brown rice and quinoa in your detox (which I didn’t) you probably won’t have any problems with running.

I didn’t notice any associated increase with energy. I still required the same amount of sleep each day.


My skin cleared up significantly during the two weeks. Hyper-pigmentation and rosacea decreased. I’m not sure if this is all due to the diet or if it was due to not drinking. I remember waking up for most of the second week and marveling at how I could leave the house with just BB cream. Usually I need a generous amount of concealer as well.

However, just one day post cleanse and a lot of the hyper-pigmentation came back. This was hugely disappointing. I would consider going on this detox permanently for good skin.


The diet did not impact my ability to go out and eat at restaurants. I stuck to mostly salads and sushi restaurants. If I had to go to a cafe, I had black coffee or americanos. The only thing I had trouble doing was going to a bar/lounge because I couldn’t drink anything. If you’re not a big drinker to begin with, this is a non-issue.

Time & Cost:

It did not take a lot of time to prepare my meals. That being said, I was less creative than many other dieters and chose to stick to easy to prepare foods like vegetables and oatmeal. If you wanted to make a green smoothie for breakfast and a quinoa salad with tahini dressing for lunch you would likely spend more time and money on meal prep. For me personally, the cost was a lot cheaper than eating out. I also saved a decent amount of money by not going to Starbucks every day.


I was hardly ever hungry on the cleanse. You really can eat until you’re full and still experience many of the benefits.


I did not find the diet too difficult to follow. The hardest few days were at the beginning because of the drastic change to my regular diet. Those are likely the days when the laxatives will hit you hardest too. Once you make it to the second week, eating healthy begins to feel like the norm.

My biggest cravings were for sodium in the first week, sugar in the second, and alcohol throughout. These are also the biggest culprits in derailing my diet. Having finished the cleanse, I do believe I have better control over all 3. Just the tiniest bit of added salt or flavoring is enough now, I don’t crave artificially added sugars at all and tropical fruits and melons taste heavenly, while I still love the taste of beer and wine, I don’t love the bloat that comes with it or the hyper-pigmentation in my skin.

Now that having a flat stomach is the norm and I’m rarely bloated, it takes a lot to give that up just for a glass of beer or a meal laden with salt.

Who would I recommend this cleanse to?

If you want to start eating healthier, if you want to stop drinking, or if you want to lose a few pounds before a vacation or special event. I would absolutely recommend this cleanse to you. After trying many other cleanses in the past, I can say that this one has the most positives with very few negatives – as long as you can stick to the rules and finish.

In order to lose weight, it’s best to stick to lower calorie foods. In my second week, I started eating a lot more nuts than in my first week. Subsequently, I only lost 1 pound in week 2. While a large amount of the initial weight loss is water, if you eat 2000 calories of nuts a day, you will not lose weight. The pills are not magic. You are largely losing weight because of a lower caloric intake. The bulk of your diet should still be vegetables. If you’re not doing the cleanse to lose weight, this doesn’t matter as much.

I did this cleanse in order to kick-start a healthier lifestyle and reduce my alcohol consumption, and I definitely think that it has accomplished both my goals. I also like the fact that it’s not too expensive (I paid $35 CAD for my kit) and should I fall into a pattern of gluttony again, I can just reset my system with this.

A few of my coworkers told me that they lost weight on the cleanse, but that it came back once they resumed their regular eating habits. I think that’s to be expected. If you love how you feel after the cleanse and you’re able to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet, it should benefit you in the long term and you will look leaner. The short term weight gain isn’t a big deal.

If there are any questions you have regarding this detox, I would be more than happy to share my thoughts and experience with you. Because of how much fun I had doing and blogging about my cleanse, I will be starting another diet challenge by the end of the month. Check back if you’re interested in reading about that!  







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