Wild Rose Detox Diet: Days 8 – 9

A week ago, my primary craving was salt. Now that I’m on the second week, I find I crave sugar more. I used to get my sugar fix from eating melons, tropical fruit, and ice cream. Currently I’m not allowed to eat any of those things, and I find myself craving sugar a lot.


Day 8: “Can I eat my face please.”

Breakfast: eggs, pear
Lunch: berry oatmeal
Snacks: veggies, apple
Dinner: sweet potato, beans, gai lan

Sugar Cravings:   I long for sweet things in the evening, but I’ve been eating at least an apple/pear each day and they just don’t cut it as ‘dessert’. I made a cup of tea and put on a face mask in the hopes that it would distract me from my sugar craving. Well, the face mask was ‘mung bean’ scented, and as soon as I opened the package I wanted to eat it. The whole time the mask was on my face I longed for delicious mung bean bubble tea or mung bean on shaved ice drizzled with condensed milk. It ended up being absolutely unbearable so I had a shot-glass (yes cheating) full of chocolate almond milk. It’s surprising how good a little bit of sugar can taste after going without.

Day 9: “Why can’t I eat my feelings away.”

Breakfast: eggs, pear
Lunch: berry oatmeal
Snacks: apple, sips of beer*
Dinner: sweet potato, brussel sprouts, nuts
(As you can see, I’m not big on culinary creativity here)

* my company went on a brewery tour during which I had a few sips of each taster, as long as I only taste, I can round down my alcohol consumption to 0 (don’t correct me)

Sugar Cravings: On Day 9 of my detox, Donald Trump became the president-elect of the USA.  As I watched the election unravel on TV, BF chose to drown his sorrows in a glass of scotch. Normally I would be nursing my bruised soul with a glass of red wine right beside him. But last night I had no such remedy. When poison number one was unavailable, I found myself eyeing the three open boxes of Halloween candy on our counter.  This cannot be happening. I need a drink.  I need to eat candy. I deserve it. The world is ending. The least I can do is to satiate myself.

Hysteria aside, even though the world can change dramatically overnight, things already in motion need to be completed with finality. I had another shot-glass full of chocolate almond milk and went to bed.



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