Wild Rose Detox : Days 5 – 7

After a relatively easy first 4 days on the cleanse, I finally ran into some difficulties in the form of alcohol this weekend.

Day 5: “My cheeks are inflating.”

breakfast: oatmeal w berries
lunch: sweet potato and raw vegetables
snack: mixed nuts, pear
dinner: sashimi salad, oden (egg and tofu), chicken skewers

After not eating any sodium (except naturally present in foods) for 4 days, I had my first salt-laden meal at a Japanese skewer restaurant. I ordered my skewers with sea salt, and near the end of the meal I felt my face swell up. The more salt I consumed, the more my cheeks inflated from water retention.

Booze Report: The guy sitting next to me had a pint of Asahi in a frosted mug which made me crave one too, but neither of my friends ordered beer so after the initial craving I did not miss it or think about it much.

Day 6 : “Sorry, I cheated.”

breakfast: egg/spinach omelet , pear
lunch: lettuce wrap grilled chicken breast burger (no sauce), salad, beer (!!!)*
dinner: pan fried gailan, sweet potato

Booze Report: I was working all day, and lunch was spent with coworkers during our break. It so happened to be at a brewery close by. I went into it feeling mentally strong from my sober Friday night, and when the waitress came around to order drinks, I asked for hot water.

Then when the waitress brought every single person (but me) a pint of delicious looking beer, I could not help but order one for myself. It was not a physiological craving but a social one. (Is it worse to be a sheeple or an alcoholic?) I ordered a 10oz glass of a light (3.5%) beer, and once it arrived and I tried it, I didn’t like it enough to drink more than a few sips.

beer(See before and after pictures for proof)

Day 7: “Wine not cheat again?”

breakfast: sweet potato, pear
lunch: brown rice salmon roll, sashimi, brown rice nigiri, (no soy sauce, no sauce)
snack: mixed nuts, soy decaf latte
dinner: 3oz wine (!!!), pan fried gailan

Booze Report: I wasn’t craving alcohol, but BF wanted to have a beer before we saw a movie, when in the bar I felt very awkward just ordering water so I asked for a 6oz glass of wine. When it came, I didn’t really enjoy it and BF ended up drinking half the glass.

My thoughts half way through the cleanse:

Weight: 109.8lb

I have managed to lose ~4 pounds so far in 6 days. My starting weight was a pretty stable weight for me, so I’m curious to see how much of the loss is water weight and how much is actual fat loss. A few of my coworkers told me that the weight came back as soon as they stopped the detox.

The biggest difference I notice physically is reduced abdominal bloating. It’s something I’ve always struggled with (probably because I’m lactose intolerant but insist on eating ice cream), and seeing the difference makes me completely willing to give up any food that causes bloat in the future. In addition, the reduced sodium intake has really helped facial bloating as well.

I have 5 days left on the cleanse, I would give myself a B+ so far for my efforts thus far. I’ve definitely noticed the benefits of eating healthy, but I’m not sure if the pills (other than the laxatives) had any real effect. If anything, having a set amount of pills to take everyday is an effective placebo for staying disciplined. I can’t start-over, because I’ve already started the pills – this makes me resist cheating (too much).


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