Wild Rose Detox: Day 3 & 4

Day 3: “I dream of noodle.”

Breakfast: two hardboiled eggs
Lunch: chicken breast/grilled tofu over romaine lettuce with corn and black beans (oil and vinegar dressing – I found out after that I’m not allowed vinegar on the cleanse …  oops)
Dinner: sweet potato, brussel sprouts, beans

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Day 3 observations:

  • I woke up this morning with a remarkably flat tummy and a ton of energy
  • 45 minutes after taking the morning supplements I had a brief but painful headache
  • the laxatives don’t seem to have any effect on me, I wonder if it means that my diet is pretty healthy to begin with?
  • eating out on the cleanse is not hard as long as the restaurant offers salads, just ask for no dressing and pay $15 for plain lettuce and chicken
  • because I brought almonds as snacks, I’m not very hungry today but I haven’t felt ‘full’ either
  • the salt cravings aren’t as strong today
  • the sugar cravings are pretty much non-existent
  • this cleanse doesn’t affect lifting weights too much as long as you make sure to eat carbs beforehand
  • I don’t crave alcohol at all (!!!!)
  • I have a lot of extra time in the evenings since I’m not drinking wine and being lazy, now I can just be sober and lazy

I watched a show called “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories” on Netflix before bed where the first episode featured a vegetable noodle soup called “Tan Men”. (if you google this dish, make sure you specify that it’s Tan Men noodles) Afterwards I laid in bed thinking about noodles for a long time. How wonderful it would be to have a big bowl of noodle soup. It doesn’t even need anything fancy in it. Just the noodles and the flavored broth. I would eat it one noodle at a time, accompanied by a few sips of the broth. Any kind of noodles will do. Thick udon noodles. Chewy ramen noodles.  Rice noodles with beef and black bean sauce. Tan tan mien. Jajiangmien. Mmmmmmm.


Day 4: “I (literally) feel empty inside.”

Breakfast: two pan-fried eggs, pear
Lunch: oatmeal with berries
Snack: carrots with hummus, almonds
Dinner: Subway salad with avocado and sweet potato, no dressing

Day 4 observations:

  • super brief but painful headache right upon waking
  • my stomach looks really flat again
  • still no effect with the laxatives, how weird since it seemed to work for everyone else
  • wait hang on, holy **** I think 4 days’ worth of laxatives are hitting me at once
  • ok these laxatives seem to work after all
  • even though the meals are quite bland since they are not seasoned with anything, by the time I get to eating I’m usually so hungry that it tastes amazing, smelling my coworker’s chicken & rice lunch made me salivate but when I ate my own oatmeal I thought it was quite good too
  • started to get a runny nose and sneezes in the afternoon
  • at every meal I’m shocked by the sheer QUANTITY of food I’m consuming, I always feel quite full after each meal but the food digests quickly! Within an hour or two, I’m back to feeling hungry again. This is one of the biggest revelations to me, as before when I ate (normal food) I could never be sure when I would feel hungry again
  • I’m getting pretty bored of sweet potato, next week I’ll cook quinoa or brown rice for my carb

All in all, the novelty still hasn’t worn off and I’m having a lot of fun doing this cleanse. 🙂

Since it’s coming up to the weekend, I face the daunting task of eating out more often while not breaking the diet. I’m eating out at least one meal everyday for the next 3 days. The current plan is to stick to steamed fish entrees or salads. Alcohol is off my radar until next Tuesday, when work is going on a brewery tour and tasting. (I always round down my alcohol consumption anyway so a few sips of beer shouldn’t even be worth mentioning!)


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