What I learned about my fashion choices

Part of the appeal in pursuing a KonMari lifestyle is in finding one’s ideal self-image. Marie Kondo suggests we start by envisioning the sort of lifestyle we would want to have, if we could have any, and then discard all the things that don’t bring us to that lifestyle.

This isn’t my first round of closet decluttering. I have definitely discovered, that each time I go through a round of decluttering my clothes, I am more convinced of what I like and what represents my fashion sense. As I wrap up my closet decluttering for this round, here’s what I’ve noticed about my personal style – and what remains in my closet.

What I learned about my fashion choices.

1. I prefer to be overdressed than to be under-dressed.

I purchase casual clothing because I feel like I have to, but discover that most of my more ‘formal’ clothes suit the ‘casual’ occasions better anyway. Meanwhile, the casual options definitely do not suit the formal occasions and thus get less wear.

2. I dislike polyester and prefer blended fabrics.

Even though the style might look good, it doesn’t feel good on my body so I don’t reach for them as often. I need to think long-term and comfort in selecting clothes, instead of being solely focused on how it looks.

3. Dry-clean only clothing (silks, linens) are ok as long as I buy them in a dark enough color.

Otherwise if they’re white or light colored I end up being too afraid to wear them. It doesn’t mean I must shy away from dry-cleaning clothing all together as there are so many gems out there.

4. High heeled shoes for me must have a platform.

I don’t go to enough galas or events to justify an uncomfortable pair of heels, if I’m going to the bar or out drinking, I need to be comfortable. It’s better to be comfortable than to be the giraffe stepping girl on a night out.

5. The foundation of my wardrobe is grey.

I accent with navy, tan, and jewel tones such as deep forest green or royal purple. I need to steer away from earth tones and pastels as they do not flatter my coloring.

6. Clothing that is multi-functional are my VIPS.

Dresses that can be dressed down for work – I work in a business casual setting – can be dressed up for evenings out with a fancier pair of shoes and accessories. Any item that only has one use (this is clubwear – this is beachwear – this is what I will wear that one night out in Mexico sometime in the next 5 years) have a shorter shelf life in my closet.

7. The bottleneck in my closet are good, smart jackets.

This includes blazers, outerwear, sweaters, I always find that’s my limiting factor in planning outfits, when I am done decluttering I will focus on acquiring more of these.

8. Dresses are easier than top/bottom combination for me.

This is because they function for so many occasions. I prefer sheath style dresses without ties in the middle. These are the most comfortable.

9. I’m not into jewelry very much.

No matter how hard I try or how many pieces I collect. I prefer to accessorize with handbags and makeup.

10. Aritzia is my favorite store and represents 50-75% of my closet.

Ok. Ok. I’ll admit it that I’m a basic Vancouver girl. Their fabric blend, modern yet youthful cuts, and price point all draw me to the brand. What this means is that on any given day I will see at least another 3 girls wearing the same dress/jacket/skirt as me but this is a small price to pay for a streamlined wardrobe.


Do you have any style tips or rules you’ve discovered while decluttering? I would love to hear them.



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