I caught the shopping bug.

So I had set a June 15th deadline (two weeks from when I started) to have finished decluttering my closet. I made good progress at the beginning and donated a garbage bag of clothing and shoes to the local thrift store. (How have I already accumulated another bag??)

Once I declutter, I declared, I will be left with only what I truly love and I will not need to shop unless I am in absolute need of something.

Then Vegas happened and I started shopping.

Let’s backtrack to what happened. I had originally brought 3 dresses to Vegas in preparation for 3 nights out. However, once we got there someone suggested that since it was a bachelorette party, the bride should wear white and the rest of her group wear black.

We thought that was a great idea – except I didn’t bring any black dresses.

We ended up going to BEBE where I bought two black tops (you know, I wanted options) to wear for that first night.

Then I realized the shoes I had brought hurt so much after standing for several hours in, so the next night we went shopping AGAIN and I bought a pair of new heels. (Half a size too big, because I may or may not have been tipsy while I bought them)

Ok, well, I didn’t NEED those things, but they brought me joy at the time of my trip so I told myself it was ok.

Then last week, my coworker sent a link to the Aritzia semi-annual sale.

Like most typical Vancouver girls, Aritzia’s business casual clothing and price point makes it my favorite store. About 50% of my closet consists of items from Aritzia, and I would say 75% of my work wardrobe is from Aritizia. I decided to check out the sale to see if I should replace any of my basics which are getting worn.

I ended up purchasing online:

2 tanks (one blush silk tank, one white linen tank) to layer under blazers
2 dresses (one beige, one grey)

When they arrived, the blush silk tank was completely sheer and the grey dress did not fit me. Since I purchased them online and as part of the sale, I could only exchange for store credit.

Yesterday I went into the store in order to exchange the two items which did not fit for a newly released dress (full price) which I loved. I could see myself wearing this dress everywhere. Under a blazer for work, with strappy heels for cocktails with the girls, with some Nike trainers on a Sunday stroll. I wanted it in all the colors, but (1) it was $70 and not cheap and (2) they didn’t have the other colors in my size.

(By the way while I was out I also bought a $40 highlighter randomly, but that I will definitely return as I don’t need it)

Once I returned home from the store, I checked online to see if they had the other colors in my size. I was delighted to see that I qualified for the private sale at Aritzia (invite only once you spend a certain amount of money in a year) which offers 20-40% off everything.

I immediately ordered the following:
1 dress (in black)
1 dress (in grey – which I think I will exchange when it comes in because it was impulsive)
1 blazer (in blush – I tried this in store, loved it, but couldn’t justify the $170 price tag. When I saw it was on sale suddenly it seemed like a much better deal)

So all in all, in the past 2 weeks I have added the following to my wardrobe:

2 black tops
1 pair of heels
1 white tank
4 dresses (but one might get exchanged)|
1 blazer

For a total of 9 items.

I have decluttered:

1 giant bag full of clothing (I have no idea how many pieces but maybe 30-40)

I have lost:

1 amazing pair of sunglasses

Even though I’m still shopping, I would like to think I’m making progress. However I have to keep myself in line and make sure that even if I do shop, that I LOVE and wear everything that I buy. Otherwise decluttering will never finish !!!!!


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