“You should be more careful with your stuff.”

So this past weekend I went to Las Vegas. The night before I left, I remember picking out which pair of sunglasses I wanted to bring on the trip. I have 4 pairs in total – most of them designer, and my absolute favorite pair is an over-sized Tom Ford.

As Kon Mari said, your items should bring you joy. Well, that pair of sunglasses brought me a great deal of joy.

It was big, so it shields the top half of my face from the sun.

It fit my head perfectly, so it was comfortable to wear.

It looked stylish, and made me feel like Nicole Richie circa 2003.

It had a good memory, because I bought it together with my friend Sarah – who helped me pick out this pair after trying on many other pairs.

The sunglasses themselves were rather expensive – around $500.00. I bought them after receiving a $250.00 giftcard. Rather than blowing $250 on a bunch of clothes which I may or may not wear, or makeup that I may or may not use, I decided to invest in a pair of sunglasses I could love for years.

Ever since I bought them, I wore them everyday religiously. I even took photos of my other pairs of sunglasses so I could sell them on Ebay.

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I decided that I would wear them to Vegas. I hadn’t anticipated on being day-drunk nearly every day while I was there. And I even remember lamenting to myself what a burden it was to try to protect the pair of sunglasses. They fell off my head a few times, but I always made sure they would get back to the hotel room.

Lo and behold, on the day when we were set to leave, I couldn’t find them.

I was actually frantic and on the verge of tears – I asked my friends to check everywhere.

Behind the bag, in all the drawers, under the covers, on the windowsill. Anywhere a pair of sunglasses could possibly hide we looked. My friends were helpful, but we had to meet our check-out time and so when I left empty-handed I was really distressed.

Upon coming home, I tried to call various stores I went to hoping that they had fallen there, but no one had seen a pair of sunglasses around. I have no idea where they might have gone, whether someone had adopted them or if they got tossed out.

My girlfriend told me, “You should have been more careful with them.” and while I was sad to be chastised on top of losing my sunglasses, she was completely right. I should have paid more attention to my belongings.

I think this is what Marie Kondo means, that towards the things which bring you joy, you thank them with all your heart.

I feel terrible towards my sunglasses, who were so good to me but who I did not return the favor to. When I think about them possibly cracked or stepped on, I feel sorry towards them. I feel like I let them down.

I know it was just a ‘thing’, but I hope I will take this lesson to heart in the future. And while my first instinct was – well let me just buy another pair – I think I won’t for a little while so I can honor the memory of the pair I lost.



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