Why clutter is terrible – reason #1.

Can we just briefly acknowledge yet another reason why clutter is terrible? As I started to declutter a 3-tiered shelving unit in my closet last night that housed bottoms and casual tops. I noticed something moving.

A long, thin shape was MOVING around on my favorite pair of white jeans. At first I thought it was a speck of dust but then I saw its many little spindly legs. OH MY GOD. It was a baby silverfish. WHERE DID IT COME FROM?! IS IT EATING MY CLOTHES?!! AM I A SLOB?????? ARE THERE MORE!!??!?! IS IT ON ME?!!!!!!!!!??????

Silverfish are terrifying because they’re so hard to get rid of and they lay many, many eggs. Where there’s 1 there’s usually 100+ more. Naturally, I freaked out and spent the following 10 minutes crawling around on the floor of my bedroom looking for more uninvited roommates. (The baby got squished. Sorry vegans.)

Luckily I found nothing, but it made me even more repulsed by the amount of clutter in my room. (Currently all my clothing are in heaps and piles as I go through this process. Kon Mari states to not worry about storage until discarding has been finished. Therefore, nothing is back in the closet – everything is on the ground or on the surface of a nearby shelf.)

This was just another motivator for me to get my things in order and to get rid of clutter once and for all. If my furnishings are few – they cannot be a home for bugs, right?


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