Stuff I sold this week

Channeling the momentum of a fancy-looking new blog, below is a list of items I’ve managed to sell within the past two weeks.


Mulberry Small Lily Bag – $450 USD (Fashionphile)
Segovia Guitar and case – $100 (Craigslist)
Rebecca Minkoff Handbag* – $91 (Ebay auction)
Michael Kors Wallet – $82 (Ebay auction)

(Shipping: $68)

Total: $786 (not including ebay fees and paypal fees)

The goal of this project was never to make any money. However it feels good to recoup some (very very small) percentage of the money I spent.

Now I must gather all my self-restraint to not spend everything I made on the Gucci semi-annual sale tomorrow.

Will report back.

* this was the handbag that accompanied me to Japan in April of this year, I was ecstatic at its functionality until it dyed my Louis Vuitton wallet blue, mainly out of spite and hurt feelings, I am parting with it

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