don’t you dare
treat me like
an option I will
never be your
option I am not
your vacation boy
I am the end goal
the destination





day 13

once upon a time
there was a girl
who begged a boy
to love her

oh she was so cute
she was so sweet
this little paper doll
wanting to be his

she beamed when
he was close and
she cried when
they were apart

so I chopped off
her head and I
carved out her heart

and I ate them

and everyone
lived happily ever


The Mask.

you used to say
that you’d rather not see
all the sad parts of me
that you preferred it
when you only saw me happy

you used to say
that you need a happy person
that someone out there
could make you feel
a little less empty

you used to say
you liked fixing problems
so I gave you mine
and dreamed a little dream
that one day you could fix me

you used to say
a lot about you
I should’ve listened more
maybe understood how it had
nothing to do with me


that’s alright too

at least now
you can see me happy